BDS, December 21, 2020

In October, Liverpool, UK cancelled EWE’s planned arms fair there. Seville cancellation follows protests by progressive, anti-war and anti-racist groups.

In a press release issued today by the City Council of Seville, the Councilor of Urban Housing, Tourism and Culture, Antonio Muñoz, announced the cancellation of the Electronic Warfare Europe arms fair which was scheduled to take place at the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Fibes in Seville in May 2021.

Avaaz, January 2021

In the current pandemic period, the State of Israel is sometimes presented as exemplary in terms of vaccination. Yet it leaves the Palestinian population of the territory it occupies in the West Bank and Gaza without health care and vaccines, as well as a significant part of the Palestinian population of Jerusalem, while providing these services to the inhabitants of the illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

4 April 2019

Members of the European Parliament from various political parties sent a letter to High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, calling for the revision of EU-Israel Association Agreement.

adesso Pacifici si allea con i "fascisti per Israele"! E Libero, la RAI-TV, i fascisti difendono Israele da...giusto, da chi? Alcuni, in Italia soprattutto, si sforzano anche di fare gli antisemiti da "sinistra"! In Germania ce ne sono alcuni di veri di destra, e sono pericolosi perchè sparano, soprattutti su immigrati. Il governo però li combatte sul serio: anche perchè la coda di paglia del Nazismo tormenta ancora i Tedeschi, e i risarcimenti che hanno pagato dal 1950 ad oggi ad Israele, e continuano a pagare, sono imponenti. Anche a Francia e Gran Bretagna sono stati pagati ragguardevoli risarcimenti per danni di guerra.

Haaretz, Dec 6, 2018

Asked what prompted him to set up this new fundraising organization, Katsof – who lives in the West Bank settlement of Shiloh – responds: “The more evangelicals I met over the years, the more I realized how thirsty they were to connect to the settlements. When they land in Tel Aviv, they often tell me that it isn’t how they imagined Israel. But when they come out here to the settlements, they say this is exactly how they imagined it.