Haaretz, Apr 13, 2017

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s unfortunate remarks, according to which Hitler never used chemical weapons nor used gas against his own people during the Holocaust, are not only testimony to his personal ignorance. You don’t need to be an accredited historian to know that Hitler killed millions of people with gas starting in 1939, and that the victims included citizens of his country, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

Haaretz, May 22, 2017


the truth is that the leaders of Arab countries, for the most part, are against the Palestinian people. That was the case during the Palestinian revolt in 1936, that was the case in 1948, and that’s how things are today too.

Haaretz, Mar. 30, 2017


During the long hours on the bus, we chatted about this and that. For example, about the exaggerated religious myths that Afrikaners invented to justify their racial superiority over the native-born black people.

Haaretz, May 21, 2017


The country has no rational reason to come to a peace agreement because the price that Israel will have to pay is higher than the cost of the occupation.

Middle Est Eye, 2 May 2017

Let’s recall one prominent contemporary atrocity: the 2014 murder by Israeli air strike of four young Palestinian boys playing football on a Gaza beach - an anti-highlight of Israel’s 50-day assault that ultimately dispensed with 2,251 Palestinian lives, 551 of them children.