Categoria: Cisgiordania

Haaretz, Jul. 13, 2016


Ofer Prison is around seven kilometers from central Ramallah, a 10-minute drive, with the lights and heavy traffic. Ofer — a prison, army camp and military court — is in the West Bank, on the land of the Palestinian town of Bitunia, next to Route 443. But Israel has skillfully created the impression that Ofer is in its territory. The expanse alongside Route 443 and surrounding the settlement bloc of Givat Ze’ev was de facto annexed to Israel long ago. It’s beyond the pale for Palestinians, except for laborers in the settlements and visitors to the prison.

The seven kilometers turn into a journey of around three hours [....] At the Beit Sira checkpoint, on 443 North, you get off the Palestinian buses and board the Israeli buses [....]

It would be easy to arrange a route through the Bitunia checkpoint (some 500 meters from the prison), sparing visitors the exhausting long-short journey. But no. The disregard for the time of those you subjugate is also an integral part of the education and training of every Israeli prison guard.