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Haaretz, Oct. 25, 2016

Israeli settlers start to build a new illegal outpost north of the West Bank Palestinian village of Ain al-Baida on October 25, 2016. Jaafar Ashtiyeh, AFP


on Monday, a young man with side locks hidden under a black hat sicced a German shepherd on several members of the Arab-Jewish Ta’ayush (Living Together) organization who have been monitoring the illegal and unauthorized new West Bank Jewish outpost being built in the Al-Hama area of the northern Jordan Valley.

[...] On the west side of the road lies the illegal, unauthorized outpost of Givat Salit, which has already taken control of privately owned Palestinian land, planting date palms and olive trees at the site, as well.  And now comes the turn of a brand-new outpost, set up just five or six weeks ago.

[...] And wonder of wonders, shortly after the outpost was erected, forces from the Israeli Civil Administration came and demolished huts and animal pens where the community of Palestinian shepherds lived.