Haaretz, Sep. 1, 2021

Life is good in Sela’it: a Montessori school, no fence nor occupation visible from the balcony, no checkpoints, and, most importantly, no Arabs. Instead, there's a view that stretches to the sea. It’s no wonder that in the last election, 75 percent of the residents voted for the left and center parties – more than in Tel Aviv. They’re not really a settlement; after all, they’re just dwelling on land the state confiscated for “security needs.”

Haaretz, Aug 17, 2021

In the year to date Israel has destroyed 592 Palestinian structures, 90 of them in East Jerusalem. The explanation – that they were built without a permit – is possible because of our talent for double standards. Palestinians may not build on Palestinian land, but we, the Jews, may build on Palestinian land with or without permits. And anyone who objects is an antisemite.

GroundUp, 8 June 2021

Map of the West Bank, the Israeli occupied Palestinian territory. Palestinian areas are green. Blue areas are Israeli-controlled. Image supplied

Sharon expressed great interest in South Africa’s bantustan project [....]

The bantustans of South Africa under the apartheid regime and the map of the occupied Palestinian territories today are predicated on the same idea of concentrating the “undesirable” population in as small an area as possible, in a series of non-contiguous enclaves. By gradually driving these populations from their land and concentrating them into dense and fractured pockets, both South Africa then and Israel today worked to thwart political autonomy and true democracy.

Zeitun, agosto 14, 2021

 Un intervento della polizia israeliana contro la protesta palestinese a Sheikh Jarrah



Agosto 2021

Noi, ebrei israeliani, ci opponiamo alle azioni del governo israeliano e quindi dichiariamo il nostro impegno ad agire contro di esse. Ci rifiutiamo di accettare il regime suprematista ebraico e chiediamo alla comunità internazionale di intervenire immediatamente in difesa dei palestinesi a Gaza, in Cisgiordania, a Gerusalemme, in Galilea, nel Negev, a Lydda, Giaffa, Ramleh, Haifa e in tutta la Palestina storica.

Zeitun, 21 maggio 2021

Estremisti ebrei (fascisti?) manifestano di notte violando il coprifuoco. Oren ZivPicture-Alliance/DPA

Ebrei israeliani estremisti hanno utilizzato servizi di messaggistica istantanea per organizzare milizie armate con lo scopo di attaccare palestinesi di cittadinanza israeliana.